The process I use to make my pieces is called electrforming.  Without getting into too much detail, an item is put into a liquid bath and electricity is used to dissolve “donor” copper and deposit it onto the item.  By manipulating different variables, I can control the thickness and texture of the finished piece.

After removing the newly copper coated item from the bath, various finishes are used to age, color, and seal the copper.  Copper is a very reactive metal, so it will almost always change depending on the environment it is in.  My pieces are typically not sealed, so wearing them against the skin for prolonged periods may result in discoloration.  This can be prevented by avoiding moisture when wearing the piece.

A note about Natural Stones:

Many of my pieces are made of natural stones that have been ground and polished.  Sometimes these stones contain natural cracks and flaws.  I will try to make sure these are apparent in the photos of each piece.  I do not use stones with flaws that compromise the structural integrity of the piece.  These are cosmetic only, and I feel they just add to the natural beauty of each piece.  In the event that a natural flaw actually causes structural damage, Please let me know.  I will work with you on a repair or replacement.


Returns / Replacements

I hate to even have to type out this section, but it’s better to have it all spelled out than not.  I am very easy to work with.  If you feel you need to return a piece, please contact me.  I will work with you to return / replace the piece.  I will accept returns at my sole discretion, and I will refund you only after you return the piece to me.  Returns for any reason other than a flaw in workmanship must be made within 30 days of purchase.  If you’d like to return a piece because you changed your mind or want something else, the piece must be returned to me intact and in sellable condition, at my discretion.